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What to expect as a clinician at New England Geriatrics

by Renee Marcus on 2/18/15 3:13 PM

We recently asked Kayla Wichowski, a Physician Assistant at New England Geriatrics, four questions about her experience being part of the team at New England Geriatrics

1. Do you feel part of a supportive and dedicated team at New England Geriatrics?hiring nurse practitioner physician assistant job openings massachusetts

Absolutely. The employees I have worked with here not only have a passion for their careers, but for building trust within professional relationships. I find that the connections within New England Geriatrics allow employees to find support both in caring for residents, and managing challenges of working in medicine and social services.

2. What's the best part about working in this environment that people wouldn't be able to see from just a walk around the office?

When I oriented as a new employee, I knew my position in particular allowed for more independence. Clinicians in my position generally serve facilities on their own. What I did not realize, was how much this independence allows the best treatment of residents. I am able to decide when I need to follow up on a resident I'm especially concerned about, and I am free to take as much time as I need to get the resident what he or she needs. Also, I must add, the people I work with are professional and compassionate.


3. What has been your most rewarding experience while working for New England Geriatrics?

The most rewarding experience is becoming a piece of the nursing homes you work at. When stepping into a facility, you are very much stepping into the home of your residents. However, the residents at your nursing homes come to expect you every week. You develop a pattern in the way you and the staff at that facility refer a new resident. Even the way you piece together your section of the chart becomes a part of you as a clinician, and you begin to feel pride in having helped create quality psychiatric services for residents at your facilities. Ultimately, the trust and relationship you build between them and their staff will be the most rewarding experience.


4. What is the top reason you would recommend someone to apply to New England Geriatrics? 

I would recommend it because you will feel like a part of a family while having a career where you get to improve the quality of people's lives.



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