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What Should Be On A Social Worker's Resume?

by Josh Frank on 1/12/16 4:42 PM


For many people crafting a resume can be very overwhelming. Where do I start? What are they looking for? How long will my search take? Here are a few tips that can help your resume stand out from other applicants!

Organization is Key

Having an unorganized resume is a pet peeve of any recruiter. Be sure that your prior position titles are in bold and are chronologically organized starting with your most recent employment. Your name, credentials, contact information and address should all be neatly organized in the header of your resume. List your position responsibilities using bullet points. Also, be sure to keep the same font throughout the resume.

Focus on populations

Compare your prior experiences with the job you are applying for. Am I qualified for this position? Have I worked with this population before? Is this a clinical or administrative position? If you are a new grad be sure to specify which populations you have worked with, and highlight your therapeutic techniques.

Write a cover letter

Even if it's optional, write a cover letter. This will show an organization that you are dedicated to the open position. It will also allow you to brag about yourself, or add any necessary details such as relocation or potential start dates.

Cater your resume to the job opening

Using a generic resume won't help you stand out in an applicant pool. Be sure to address each specific qualification the organization is looking for. You may find that the position isn't best suited for you, which will save you time and energy. 



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