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Veterans and Mental Health: What Obstacles Do They Face?

by Josh Frank on 8/27/15 3:01 PM


The triumphant feeling of a soldier returning home from war fills the hearts of any American. However, many veterans have to overcome significant health challenges once returning home, and mental health is unquestionably an obstacle. On a national level, over 1.4 million Americans used VA mental health services in FY14. Since 2005 the VA has seen a 63% growth in users of mental health services. 

What are common mental disorders facing veterans?
According to data compiled by the VA some common mental disorders veterans face are:
Alcohol Dependence Syndrome
Neurotic Disorders
Brain Damage
Drug Dependence

How can I help a veteran?
If you know a veteran struggling with mental illness the best type of support is encouragement to seek treatment. A veteran can receive treatment from their respective VA, or if eligible they can use their VA benefit at a clinic in their community. To learn more about this program visit the VA Choice Program.


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