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The Benefits of Smart Phones for the Elderly

by Karen Mozzer on 1/21/15 11:25 AM

When it comes to geriatric mental health, smart phones bring with them a large number of different benefits for the elderly that are more than worth exploring. Even though smart phones and similar types of mobile devices may seem difficult to use for seniors at first glance, they can still bring about a number of positive changes to the lives of older individuals everywhere.

benefits of smart phones for elderly


Emergency Contact Information 

One of the best things about smart phones for seniors involves the ease at which it allows them to get help in the event of an emergency. Having a cell phone nearby at all times is always a good idea, as it really is impossible to predict when a medical emergency may arise. However, another benefit comes from the "Emergency Contact Information" card that most smart phones make available. In the unfortunate event that an elderly family member passes out in public, for example, emergency responders can find out information like blood type, next of kin, current medications that they're taking and more - all without even knowing the phone's passcode.


Mental Stamina

Another major benefit of smartphones for the elderly has to do with the ways in which they can improve mental health. There are thousands of applications in the Google Play Store, the iTunes App Store and other digital software marketplaces that are designed specifically to improve cognitive abilities among seniors.

Many of these apps simple mind games that are designed to keep elderly minds as sharp as possible. Even interacting with these applications for just a few minutes a day can help show significant progress.



Smart phones also can be used with a large number of different apps, many of which are already built in at the time of purchase, that can remind an elderly family member about upcoming appointments, when it's time to take certain types of medication and more.


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