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Springtime fun for Senior Residents

by Renee Marcus on 4/20/15 1:45 PM

Springtime Activities for seniors

Improving the quality of life of residents of geriatric facilities is imperative, and one way to do that is to provide them with stimulating activities that will keep them healthy in mind, body, and soul. Those in charge of senior residents living activities find it challenging when it comes to finding suitable activities for each resident’s physical and cognitive abilities. By working closely with the other clinicians, you will be able to find a wide range of entertaining activities that will meet the needs of each resident.

 spring activities for senior residents

Physical Activities for Mind and Body

We know that we need to exercise to keep our physical muscles strong, and keeping our mental muscles resilient is just as important. Fun and challenging activities that will keep seniors engaged at the same time as keeping their memories sharp and their muscles toned are the goal.

  • Resistance Training and yoga are a great way to strengthen, tone, and stretch muscles, especially when using elastic bands. This activity is perfect to rejuvenate those in a senior living environment right away in the morning.
  • Pet therapy is an option where volunteers bring in therapy animals for the residents in which to interact. This activity can help residents to bring up memories of childhood, while engaging all of their senses.
  • Gardening is perfect for mobile and bed bound residents. This activity can be as simple as a windowsill garden with fresh herbs and medicinal plants or as complex as a community garden project. The idea of fresh air, sunlight, and mental stimulation does wonders to combat boredom and depression.

Arts and Crafts

Crafting is perfect to allow seniors to have a sense of achievement and purpose, while at the same time encouraging mental agility.

  • Rug hooking is fun for individuals and groups. A simple activity that helps with hand eye coordination, and if multiple residents are working on a project, you can make this a social time.
  • If residents have previous experience in crocheting and knitting, this can help rediscover a former passion. They can spend hours making hats and blankets for babies in the local NICU. This will provide a sense of accomplishment by giving back to their communities.

All people are more inclined to participate in activities they enjoy, so getting your residents input will enhance their experience. You never know when the next idea might strike you or whom it will come from.

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