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Meet Our Program Director At Baystate Wing Hospital Geriatric Unit

by Renee Marcus on 11/26/14 11:17 AM

Bessie has experience in just about all aspects of social work.  She began her career in geriatrics as a nursing home social worker and after becoming thoroughly versed in nursing home care, she moved to Greater Springfield Senior Services as a case manger.  This position introduced her to community-based social Bessie Bechthold program director at Baystate Wing Hospital Geriatric Unitwork.

Continuing to diversify her skills, Bessie took a position as an inpatient hospital social worker.  From here she moved to a rehab hospital, where she gained experience as a case manager responsible for insurance reviews and discharge planning.

With this insurance experience, Bessie was easily able to move into the insurance world itself and take a position with Fallon Community Health Plan where she put her skills in geriatrics and social work to good use for the Case Management Department, first as an appeal representative and then in Summit ElderCare, a PACE program where she found her passion for keeping  elders in the community.

Through her multi-faceted career, Bessie has worked closely with many different programs, developing positive relationships in the social work/geriatric/insurance world, which have become an incredibly valuable resource for clients and families. Bessie pursued her interest in End of Life care while at PACE and is very comfortable in this area of practice. In addition to her expertise in end of life care, Bessie also received training through the Alzheimer's Association and was responsible for training staff at all of the Summit ElderCare sites.

She has recently passed the exam as a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and is delighted to be in her current position as program director at Baystate Wing Hospital Geriatric Psychiatry Unit, which brings together all the skills she has learned thus far in her journey, and yet still allows her to grow.


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