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Importance of Mental Health Exams for the Elderly

by Steven Marcus on 5/5/14 1:22 PM

If you happen to be the family member or loved one of an elderly person, you need to understand the Mental Health exams for elderlyimportance of regular mental health exams. After all, the best way to cope with mental health illnesses is by having them properly treated. In order for proper treatment to take place, though, your loved one will need to be diagnosed, and this can't take place unless your loved one goes through one or more exams. Let's take a quick look at what takes place during a mental health examination.

What is a Mental Health Exam?

This type of exam will give the doctor(s) of your loved one an overall picture of his or her mental well-being. It will assess your loved one's ability to think and reason. Most mental health exams also assess a person's capability of remembering things, which is crucial in being able to diagnose dementia.

What Happens During a Mental Health Exam?

A mental health exam for an elderly person is much like any other mental health assessment that takes place for anybody. During the exam, a doctor will ask a variety of questions as well as possibly do a physical examination. The answers and results of the exam will allow a doctor to determine whether or not any mental health conditions exists. The doctor will pay very close attention to whether or not the person's mood and behavior patterns are normal. Many of the questions that are asked will directly relate to whether or not the person being assessed is able to get along with his or her loved ones, co-workers (if applicable), and friends. In some instances, the exam will be comprised of blood and urine tests.

When Do Mental Health Exams Take Place?

Mental health examinations take place during regular checkups as well as during appointments that are specifically set up to test the mental health of a person. If you believe that your loved one is suffering from a mental health disorder, it is imperative to schedule a mental health exam as soon as possible. The sooner a person receives treatment, the more likely it will be that the condition can be controlled in an appropriate manner.

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