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How to Tell Your Aging Parents They Need Care

by Renee Marcus on 4/28/15 8:00 AM

Engaging your aging parents in a conversation regarding the need for them to receive professional care can be a difficult discussion. However, there are a few talking points to consider that may help encourage your parents to consider the option of moving into a top-quality nursing home or senior care facility. Take a few moments to review the tips outlined in this article to make it easier to tell your aging parents they need care.


1. Create an Open Discussion in a Comfortable Environment

Creating a dialogue with your aging parents about the possibility of moving into an assisted living community can be challenging. This conversation should be held in an environment that's comfortable and detached from your aging parents home. A nice park on a summer day or a cozy restaurant may be the perfect atmosphere.

2. Highlight the Benefits of Senior Care

After doing some research on the senior care facility you've been researching, you should be able to convey a myriad of advantages your aging parents can hope to receive from such a place. Emphasize the point that an assisted living community does not mean your parents won't have any freedom. In fact, quite the opposite is the case. Those who live in senior care establishments can enjoy their days worry free and are offered free travel to a number of nearby attractions.

3. Ask for Help

It's not uncommon for parents to resist having a conversation about assisted living. Consider bringing another voice into the dialogue such as a pastor or community leader whom your parents know and trust. This will make the conversation much easier for everyone involved and your parents may be more inclined to listen.

4. Offer a Tour of an Assisted Living Community

Seeing is believing, and if your parents are willing, visiting the community can give them valuable insights into what to expect on a daily basis. Chances are your aging parents will like what they see. Even if your parents are not satisfied with the tour, it's entirely possible a different senior living community will be a better fit.


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