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How to better care for your aging loved one

by Karen Mozzer on 10/5/15 2:35 PM

Caring for an aging loved one can become very difficult and stressful. Nearly 20% of our population will be elderly come the year 2029. What can I expect? How do I prepare? Here are some helpful tips to care for an aging loved one.




When considering services for your aging loved one be sure to research  the company prior to commitment. What is their reputation? How do they compare to other options in my area? If you are researching nursing homes ask your family and friends for suggestions when deciding on a facility. Also, be sure that the facility offers mental health services to their patients.


Caring for a loved one can become stressful and overwhelming. Be sure to have a plan in place with your family when caring for your loved one. Having the support of other loved ones will help you better balance your schedule.  If you don't have other family members to rely on, support groups are a great way to meet others in similar situations as you.  

Learn about Geriatric Mental Health

Learning about Alzheimer’s, dementia, late-life depression, and other geriatric mental health conditions will help you better care for your aging loved one. Research the warning signs, treatment options, and symptoms. Catching these mental health obstacles in the early stages will benefit your loved one’s care, and their treatment plan.


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