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How to Assess When It's Time to Move Your Loved One Into Assisted Living

by Renee Marcus on 12/31/14 6:00 AM

Making the decision to place a loved one into assisted living isn't always an easy one. While some people feel they need help and are ready to move, others don't always see that they need assistance. Whether the decision is more help in the home, or moving to an assisted living facility, your biggest concerns always around the safety and well-being of the person in question.

how do you know it's time to move your loved one into assisted living

Your Loved One Keeps Burning Meals

One of the first signs of mental decline noticed in the elderly is when they begin burning meals. Cooking requires attention, and as people age, many become forgetful. If you notice signs of burned meals, you can get creative with how you handle the situation. Many areas offer Meals-on-Wheels, or similar programs, that will bring people a hot meal each day. You can unplug the stove so that your loved one isn't in danger from starting a fire from cooking. You can prepare meals for your friend or family member that can easily be heated in a microwave. 

Your Loved One is Forgetting to Take Medication

When you take a number of medications, it is easy to get confused or to forget to take them. Set your elder up with a medication container, and check it once a week to make sure they are taking their medications as prescribed. If necessary, call at medication times and remind them to take their medication. If this is not effective, it may be time to move to an assisted living facility.

Your Loved One is Found Wandering

Safety should be of utmost importance as you consider the needs of your aging loving one. If your loved one is found wandering, or gets lost easily, it may be time for them to stop living independently. The same goes if your loved one has been found after a fall and was unable to call for help. 


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