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How Do Mental Health Services Benefit Nursing Homes?

by Josh Frank on 8/12/15 3:39 PM


There are many obstacles facing today's geriatric population, and mental health is certainly at the forefront of them. A change in lifestyle can cause many to fall into depression, become anxious, and feel unsatisfied with their lives. Learn how New England Geriatrics' mental health consultation services benefit our contracted nursing home and rehabilitation facilities.

Providing Qualified Mental Health Professionals

As a third party contractor, New England Geriatrics provides staffing of psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, physicians assistants, psychologists, and social workers who work with the nursing homes to ensure patients receive the best mental health services possible. Since we are responsible for the scheduling of our providers, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers aren't burdened with this kind of stress.

Developing and Implementing Behavioral Health Treatment Plans

Being experts in geriatric mental health, NEG is able to provide patients with a treatment plan for a variety of mental illnesses. Whether a patient can benefit from behavioral therapy, or medication consultation, mental health services can provide a diverse treatment plan. Not only do these treatment plans benefit the patient, they also assist the nursing home staff to provide the best experience possible for their patients.


Working with the nursing home or rehabilitation staff is an extraordinary benefit of having a mental health consultation in your location.  NEG mental health providers love collaborating with their fellow nursing homes to give patients the highest quality of care. Through collaboration the patients and facility are mutually pleased with the outcomes.

Interested in mental health consultation services for your nursing home or rehabilitation center? Contact New England Geriatrics today!

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