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Fun Summer Activities To Do With Your Elderly Patient

by Karen Mozzer on 5/31/16 4:49 PM

When it comes to aging and mental health, a more active lifestyle can help your elderly patient have a brighter outlook on life. Getting out and participating in activities gives your patient something to look forward to and can positively impact his or her mental heath. Fortunately, there are a lot of fun activities you and your patient can enjoy together this summer. 

elderly summer activities

  • Go to a sporting event of some sort. It could be anything from your patient's grandchild's tee ball game to a professional baseball game. 
  • If your patient enjoys fishing, this is a great option. It's easy to cast a rod from a pier even if your patient requires a wheelchair. 
  • Take your patient for a day of exploration and see the local tourist attractions. A trolley tour or a boat tour is a great option when it comes to seeing local sights. 
  • Go to a local swimming pool. Whether your patient simply dips her toe in the cool water or gets in, your patient might really enjoy it. 
  • If your patient is able to walk, go for a short stroll. Start slowly and only go a few minutes in one direction before turning around and coming back.
  • A three-wheeled bike is easier to ride than a two-wheeled bike and is also easier to mount. Find a three-wheeled bike you can rent and hit the pavement. 
  • Head to a wide open space, such as a park, and fly a kite. Your patient can even fly the kite while seated on a park bench. 
  • If there is a bird bath or a bird feeder nearby, take your patient to watch the birds. 
  • Pack a picnic lunch and head to a park or playground. Your patient may not only enjoy a picnic, but may also enjoy watching little ones run and play.
  • Head to a community event, such as a festival with live music. 

Start planning fun summer activities with your patient now and make her aging and mental health experience a positive one!

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