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Finding Affordable Homecare Services Before The Nursing Home

by Renee Marcus on 6/1/15 11:31 AM

Many seniors will, at some point, find themselves in a situation where they still feel independent enough to remain in their own homes but require regular assistance beyond what family's occasional visits can manage. Many seniors also find that full-time care in a facility is very expensive and want to put off the cost until it is necessary. The best option in these circumstances, is more affordable homecare services.

homecare before the nursing home

Home Aids

Home healthcare aids are a great place to start, especially if the requirements are more minimal in terms of daily health monitoring and household chores that cannot be accomplished by the individual. The benefit of this type of in-home care is that they can range from just a couple hours a day of care to something closer to live-in care depending on the need. Home aids can be a great tool for family members to decrease the stress of having to designate time to assist or feeling concerned when they aren't present. Home aids can help with meals, chores and medication reminders/organization. Not only that, they can monitor any changes and relay them to family or a primary care provider or even a home health nurse.

Nursing Care

For seniors who require a more extensive medical background for their care, home health nurses can be called in. These are certified nurses who make regular in-home visits to patients that need a higher level of health monitoring or receive IV medications but aren't at the point of needing to be hospitalized. A home health nurse allows the senior to make less frequent trips to the hospital, putting less strain on them and family members. It also gives them the comfort of knowing they have a qualified medical professional to answer questions and look after their healthcare. 

Maintaining Independence

To maintain or even improve quality of life in the home, an occupational therapist or social worker can become involved. Social workers can ensure the safety of the individual in the home, as well as help direct them and family members to types of care that might be most helpful. Occupational therapists can teach the individual strategies for accomplishing everyday tasks and helping to increase strength and mobility for longer independence outside of a nursing home.

Affordable homecare is available to assist a loved one in their home and is adaptable to fit many needs while maintaining a sense of independence. 

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