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How Does Art Therapy Benefit Alzheimer's Patients?

by Renee Marcus on 9/16/15 7:00 AM

Art therapy projects are a great way for alzheimer's patients to express themselves, while also creating something that is beautiful. Doing art projects can make your patient feel better about herself and it can also be a lot of fun. Make note of the following art projects to do with your alzheimer's patient. 


  • Mandala coloring pages can be a lot of fun to color. You can find many that are free to download and then all you do is print them. Give your patient colored pencils or markers to color the designs. 
  • Q-tip painting is another easy and fun art project. This works especially well for making a fall tree with various shades of colors. All your patient has to do is dip his q-tip in the paint and blot paint onto a piece of paper.
  • Make use of sharpie markers on wax paper to create the look of stained glass. Once your patient colors or draws designs on the wax paper, attach to a window for her to enjoy.
  • Circle art can easily be made by utilizing a cup with paint on the edge. Have your patient stamp the painted cup on a sheet of paper and also draw doodles onto the paper. 
  • Create a craft stick puzzle using wide craft sticks. This is not only fun to make, but is a good exercise for your patient once it has been completed. Have your patient draw a tree or another design on the craft sticks. Mix up the sticks and have him put the puzzle back together. 
  • Arrange silk flowers in a bowl. Prep the bowl using tape to create small squares for the flowers to be placed. The completed project will look great next to your patient's bed or somewhere else she will enjoy looking at it.
  • Decorate a frame. Frames can be bought inexpensively and then your patient can get creative by adding both color and designs.

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