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5 Tips for Memory Stimulation in Long-Term Care Facilities

by Stacey Rossano on 8/13/14 1:20 PM

People in long-term care facilities need assistance to help them stimulate memories. Your staff members can assist the patients in your facility by stimulating their memories and helping them to boost their brainpower, while spending valuable personal time with them.

  1. Dementia steadily robs your patients of their memories and cognitive abilities. Keeping a daily journal,with help, is one positive routine for people who have dementia. long-term care caregiversThe journal will help them to remain more oriented, and encourage them to express their feelings.

    Staff may want to offer suggestions to start thejournal keeping of people with dementia. They may tell patients the date, and describe what the weather is like. They may ask them to enter that information in their journals. Your staff members won’t pressure your patients, but instead simply offer them the option of journaling.
  2. Creating a series of “flash” cards with photos of common objects may help your patients with dementia to keep common things in mind for a longer period of time. Go through all the cards. If they have any trouble, pull that card aside and return to it later.
  3. Staff may select one area of the long-term facility in which your patients can practice their memory skills. They could choose a different area each time. Staff may ask your patients to walk them through tasks that occur in each room, and encourage them to identify objects and why they are used.
  4. Music can be a link to reality for people with dementia. Songs will remind them of places, people and milestones. Playing various older songs to them may bring back special memories. Perhaps your staff could watch bits of musicals on TV with patients. They can encourage patients to participate with clapping, dancing or singing.
  5. Staff can share photos of your patients’ family and friends with them. Widen the circle to include people they do not see on a regular basis, until staff has determined where they begin to struggle. They will work with patients to keep up with photos they remember from your staff’s last interaction with them, to help keep them mentally active.

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